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Aquarium Hub

For passionate fish keepers

Aquarium Hub is the latest addition to our portfolio. This magazine-style website provides news, articles, and care sheets targeted towards beginner and intermediate fish keepers. Aquarium Hub also features an online store offering a small (but growing!) selection of aquarium products.

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Aviculture Hub

Finch and parrot breeder's resource

Aviculture Hub is an information resource and online store that caters to bird hobbyists and breeders. We have species profiles for almost 100 commonly kept finch, parrot, and softbill species. The site also offers an aviculture events calendar and growing classifieds section

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Aussie Finch Forum

A place for finch and softbill addicts

Aussie Finch Forum is an online community for finch enthusiasts. Boasting over 3,000 members, 15,000 topics, and 170,000 posts, Aussie Finch Forum is one of the largest repositories of bird-keeping knowledge on the planet.

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